The Bar is Back!

The Bar is Back!

Bar Soap is making comeback and for good reason. Long gone are the bars in the shower at your grandparents house that strip your skin of moisture & nutrients. Modern bars last longer, balance your skin's pH, don't require preservatives & are eco-friendly. While Xfoliate isn't featured in these publications YET, we wanted to highlight some articles that explain why you should be using Bar Soap. Read about the growing trend and shop our bars by clicking HERE.

"The humble bar soap — once the ire and butt-of-the-joke among the more relevant and innovative beauty products — is having a renaissance moment."


"For many of us, our preferred body wash is a sudsy gel squeezed out of a plastic bottle, but thanks to a recent rise in at-home self-care rituals and sustainability efforts, the basic bar of soap is making a big comeback."


"’s beauty bars are a far cry from the harsh, overly-perfumed versions I grew up with. In fact, many offerings on the market now are incredibly gentle, help maintain your skin’s natural pH balance, and even target specific concerns."


"While I had long ignored the many bars that would come across my desk, I finally decided to give some a shot, and I will say, it's a totally different world than what I remember. Today's star products do everything from moisturizing and soothing the body to detoxing and brightening the complexion to cleansing and conditioning the hair, and none of them have the awful drying effects of yesteryear."

"I think the next big boom in skincare will be the resurgence of bar soaps, due to their eco-friendly and water preserving nature,"


"With the rise in concern over plastic consumption, bar soaps are becoming an excellent—and accessible—alternative to liquid bath and body products. But substituting your daily face wash or hand soap is just the beginning. A simple concentrated bar soap can replace everything from shaving cream to an exfoliator and even—if you dare—toothpaste."

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