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Detox Powder

Detox Powder

Mix our Detox Powder with your cleanser to create a powerful exfoliator that balances oil, clear pores, detoxifies, & removes dead skin.

2oz (30+ Uses)

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What It's Good For

For all skin types. Especially good for dull, damaged, or tired skin. Adjust the amount to your comfort level.

How It Works

This dry blend of ground herbs & clay add natural grit & antioxidants. Together, they remove dead skin cells, extract toxins, & dislodge debris that accumulates deep in your pores. Regular use can improve the look of your skin, resulting in a smoother & healthier complexion.

How to Use

In your palm, mix a small amount of powder with Xfoliate cleanser. Massage mixture gently over damp face & décolletage for two minutes twice weekly.


Key Ingredients

Matcha/Green Tea

Green Tea is a powerful antioxidant & antibacterial agent effective in promoting a consistently clear complexion. Topically, it can cleanse skin & fight against bacteria that causes acne.

Some studies have shown that it has anti-aging properties & can prevent the growth of skin cancer cells.

Bentonite Clay

This mineral dense clay is rich in silica & potassium that help balance oil production & remove impurities from deep in your pores.


Oats in skincare products help your skin retain its natural moisture by creating a barrier that traps water. This balances the skins pH & gives you a fuller, brighter appearance. Because of their anti-inflammatory qualities, oats have been clinically proven to soothe skin & improve signs of Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, & Rash. 

All Ingredients

Organic Matcha, Green Tea Leaves, Dried Mint, Bentonite Clay, Organic Oats, Sea Salt

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