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Xfoliate Acne Set ($97 Value)

Xfoliate Acne Set ($97 Value)

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Great for oily and/or Acne prone skin.

This set contains our exfoliating Acne Powder which is a curated mixture of a blend of anti-inflammatory herbs, activated charcoal, & bentonite clay that draw out impurities that can cause acne.  

Mix a small amount of Acne Powder with our Cleansing Oat Wash & massage mixture gently over damp face & décolletage for two minutes twice weekly. The natural grit removes dead skin cells to promote circulation & new cell growth.

Cleansing Oat Wash

Our gentle facial cleanser is formulated with oats & lactic acid to gently exfoliate your skin to remove environmental toxins without stripping your skin of its natural moisture.

8oz (40+ uses)

Replenishing Oil

Your new daily moisturizer. Our Replenishing Oil is formulated with botanical oils to work with your skin to provide deep, long lasting hydration. This combination of antioxidant oils can correct visible signs of fatigue & will leave your skin looking & feeling healthy.

50ml (40+ Uses)

Acne Powder

Mix our Acne Powder with your cleanser to create a powerful exfoliator that prevents & treats acne by extracting acne causing bacteria from your pores, balancing oil, & removing dead skin cells.

2oz (30+ Uses)

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