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Xfoliate Men's Acne Set ($97 Value)

Xfoliate Men's Acne Set ($97 Value)

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Great for oily and/or acne prone skin. Also great for preventing ingrown hairs.

This set contains our exfoliating Acne Powder which is a curated mixture of a blend of anti-inflammatory herbs, activated charcoal, & bentonite clay that draw out impurities that can cause acne.  

Mix a small amount of Acne Powder with our Men's Face Wash & massage mixture gently over damp face & neck for two minutes twice weekly or after you shave. The natural grit removes dead skin cells & opens pores to prevent ingrown hairs & promote new cell growth.

Men's Face Wash

Our gentle facial cleanser is formulated with oats & lactic acid to gently exfoliate skin to remove environmental toxins without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. Also formulated to soften & nourish facial hair.

8oz (40+ Uses)

Beard & Face Oil

Our lightweight Beard & Face Oil is designed to soften & smooth your facial hair while nourishing your skin.

50ml (30+ Uses)

Acne Powder

Mix our Acne Powder with your cleanser to create a powerful exfoliator that prevents & treats acne by extracting acne causing bacteria from your pores, balancing oil, & removing dead skin cells.

2oz (30+ Uses)

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